Friday, May 26, 2017

Online Programmes

Here are some of the online programmes that I use to help support the class programme. We are fortunate to have Mathletics (paid) but the rest of the resources are free to use. xtra math and skoolbo need to be signed up to. 

Khan Academy has online programmes where students get instant feedback if they are completing the task correctly. The programme starts with a video about what the task will include and the questions have hints to help support students to get the right answer. 

The basic facts 1.3 is called Prototec. It is a basic facts program that relates to the different stages of the NZ Numeracy Project. It can be timed or a sheet and students answers are marked online. 

Xtra math is an online precision teaching program that graphs student progress and has add/sub and mult/div. 

Math Starters - has a range of math starters that suit a range of stages. They are around number knowledge. 

Skoolbo is an online programme similar to Mathletics. 

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