Friday, May 26, 2017

New Resources for Number Knowledge

These new number resources are fantastic for the extra worksheet practise. The student enjoy the activities and they have a learn goal at the top. These also have an online pdf version if you want to save trees! 

These two are good for the counting on and back strategies, as well as, ordering and reading numbers. 

This one is great to introduce number houses and place value. It also has teen number addition and doubles and halves.

The final one is for doubles and halves, as well as, addition and subtraction to 20. It has some really easy transitions for students who are struggling to make that next step to stage 5 where they have to have really sound knowledge for addition and subtraction

These have activities which my year 4/5/6 students are happy to complete.

Counting Forward to Solve Addition

This is a simple slide to show counting forward for addition. Students create task is to record themselves solving one of the problems out loud. You could take this further by asking students to create word problems for addition that involve counting forwards. Students need the knowledge of number after and also counting forwards to be successful. 

Online Planner

I created this resource last year based on the online planners from nzmaths. 
I am working on changing it to be more effective and easier to use but I thought I would upload it in it's current state as there are lots of links that make sense and may help others. As always feel free to copy and change anything that you think will meet the needs of your students! 

Online Programmes

Here are some of the online programmes that I use to help support the class programme. We are fortunate to have Mathletics (paid) but the rest of the resources are free to use. xtra math and skoolbo need to be signed up to. 

Khan Academy has online programmes where students get instant feedback if they are completing the task correctly. The programme starts with a video about what the task will include and the questions have hints to help support students to get the right answer. 

The basic facts 1.3 is called Prototec. It is a basic facts program that relates to the different stages of the NZ Numeracy Project. It can be timed or a sheet and students answers are marked online. 

Xtra math is an online precision teaching program that graphs student progress and has add/sub and mult/div. 

Math Starters - has a range of math starters that suit a range of stages. They are around number knowledge. 

Skoolbo is an online programme similar to Mathletics. 


Our students really struggle with the nature of the ikan tests. To help support them with what they know and can do, I have created a slide for make your own ikan. The students have made kahoots! and screencastifys which test each other on these skills. We are seeing a lot of progress in the actual tests and students are feeling a lot more comfortable with them. Stage 4 only so 8 questions. 

One of the other teachers made a doc so that students could record their answers. 

Formative Assessment and Assessment Tracking

At the beginning of the year I created this google sheet for Stage 4. I followed the nzmath profile sheets

I created one in landscape and one in portrait. 

Click here to make a copy. 

Click here to make a copy.

After seeing what others were doing I also moved the first column to take formative assessment. 
Click here to make a copy. 

I also have a formative assessment sheet - not shared with anyone. So that I can take notes on the group (this is what I was doing before I moved the first column). 
Click here to make a copy. 

Just lots of options to record how the students are progressing through the knowledge and strategy. 

Counting Forwards and Backwards in 2's and Fives

Students need to be able to count forwards and backwards in single digits before attempting to skip count. This is the next step from being able to skip count in isolation. The create task is the challenge on the final page. 

New Resources for Number Knowledge

These new number resources are fantastic for the extra worksheet practise. The student enjoy the activities and they have a learn goal at th...